Plattsburg, MO
Mayor's Corner

If you did not attend the Wine Stroll on Saturday June 1st, you missed not only a good time-but a successful well organized, well attended “Festival “on Main Street.  Our Thanks to J.W. Lyle and his entire Fall Festival Committee for all their planning to give us a great time with family and friends Saturday Afternoon.  For those of you that have never been involved in planning an event like this; the time and effort required starts months before the event and does not end when it is over; next it is reviewed for improvements for the next time, and then the process starts over again.

To show you how well this event was planned, let me share some things that happened in downtown Plattsburg (other than the wine stroll) Saturday afternoon.  Late Friday afternoon, we got a call from the sponsors of a motorcycle ride that their route was changed at the last minute and they wanted to come through Plattsburg.  With a few phone calls-they were able to come through town and not disrupt any part of the festivities.  Also, at the same time the wine stroll was happening; there was a wedding at The Community Courtyard. 

This is another example how our community works together!  Thanks to everyone that was involved, helped and attended  our 1st Annual Wine Stroll!

Dave Schauer  Mayor, Plattsburg



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