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Mayor's Corner

If you have been driving around Plattsburg in the last couple of weeks, it is easy to see that United Fiber has started installing fiber optic cable.  They are currently installing the area north of Clay Avenue.  When this is completed, they will move to the SE part of the City and the last area they will do is the SW part of town.

Several people have asked me “When will everyone in Plattsburg have Fiber available?”.  There is no definite timeframe for that to happen, as so much depends on weather.  However, United Fiber would like to have their services available to all residents by the end of the year.  They are currently working 3 crews and have laid about 20,000 feet of cable.  They will lay approx. 160,000 feet to do the entire City.  Once each area is complete-they will make their services available to those residences.

If you have not already signed up for their services all you need do is call them (800 585 6454), visit their website at, or stop by City Hall and we have the forms available at the front desk.  Their basic internet service is 50MB up and down for $39.95 (our current carrier charges us for 10MB up and down-even though most of us get less than that), Basic TV package is $30.95 and phone service is $26.95 (local and long distance).   

Here are some of the other questions I have been asked:  Will they buy out my Direct TV or Dish Contract?  No- they will not, you will have to wait for the contract to expire or pay the remainder yourself; Can I change my internet speed or TV package, once I have the service? Yes-you can change them anytime;  Can I just get phone service? No-you need to have the intent service to get a phone;  Do they have a WIFI router?  Yes-for $4.95 per month;  If I sign up for their services, will have any kind of a contract?  Yes-you will have a one-year obligation.

The main reasons for switching to Fiber Optics are; more bandwidth and faster speed on the internet; more reliable than satellite (weather has no effect on the service); and last but not least-it will save you money.

As always, if you have any questions-let us know.

Dave Schauer                                                                                                                                                              Mayor, Plattsburg





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