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Mayor's Corner

With 2020 being an election year and a year with elections postponed because of COVID-19.  There has been some confusion and questions on political campaign yard signs.  These questions are centered around three main issues.

1. When can they go up?

2. When do they have to come down?

3.  Do we (Plattsburg) have a size limitation?

The short answer to these questions is – “yes the city has restrictions on all three issues.”  Campaign signs are covered in our zoning book in Article IV, Section E-2, subsection f.  (PG 92).  It says, “Political campaign signs, not exceeding four square feet in area, displayed during no more than an eight-week period preceding and a one-week period following an election”.

There are currently some signs in violation of this zoning ordinance; There are yard signs being displayed for a State Representative that are larger than 4 Square Feet.  There are also signs being displayed for the Presidential election in November.  I would ask if you have one of these signs in your yard to take it down.

This zoning ordinance has been in effect since 1992, so it is not new.  Presidential yard signs can go up 8 weeks before the November Election within the city limits.  Signs that are too large can be moved outside city limits.  I know everyone has his or her own political believes and we welcome you to express them.  However as far as yard signs are concerned, I would ask you to follow the guidelines we have in place.  Thank you for your cooperation.  As always, if you have any questions, let us know.

Dave Schauer   
    Mayor, Plattsburg