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Mayor's Corner

On October 30th  Plattsburg and the surrounding area was saddened to hear that J.W. Lile succumbed to cancer.  J.W never gave up-he fought to the end with everything he had-just like he lived his life-always going full speed ahead and never looking back. 

I remember when J.W. took over the Fall Festival, he came to me and said he wanted the Festival to be self-sustaining and owned by the community.  I asked him how he was going to accomplish this when the festival was all but broke and attendance had fallen in the last two years.  J.W. said the only way to get this done was to have fund raisers throughout the year – where the people in our community would come and support the Fall Festival efforts and take the ownership away from donations.  Once this  happened the Fall Festival would be truly a community effort. 

In true fashion, J.W.’s fundraisers were “outside the box”!  The first thing he did was has a BBQ on Saturday night of the Festival – with all proceeds going to next years festival.  Then he brought back the Cornhole Tournament, the “Back to School Bash” and a Wine Stoll in Downtown Plattsburg.  Before you could blink an eye, he accomplished his goals and the festival once again had community ownership. 

If you would ask J.W. about this - he would say-I didn’t anything - it was the Fall Festival Committee. Yes, the Committee worked hard in planning and executing these events,  but in true form, J.W. would never take credit for his role in making all this happen.

Speaking for myself, I am going to miss him as a friend and leader.  His positive “can do attitude “was contagious to anyone that worked with him.  I can not imagine how much his family is going to miss him, but I do know this, his Spirit will always be with us.  J.W. - God Bless and Thank You for everything you have done for your Family and our Community.

Dave Schauer

Mayor, Plattsburg



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